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23rd September 2012


An Initial Public Offering, or IPO, is the first sale of stock by a company to the public. A company can raise money by issuing either debt or equity. In case, the company chooses the equity route, the first such offering of equity shares to the public via listing of the shares in the stock markets is called an IPO.

In accordance with the SEBI circular No. CIR/CFD/POLICYCELL/11/2015 , all IPO application forms should be supported by ASBA with client signature on the IPO form. Hence, we request you to visit our branch to subscribe to the IPO, alternatively you may visit your bank branch to submit the IPO subscription form.

New Listing ( BSE | NSE )

Company DATE LISTING PRICE(Rs) High(Rs) Low(Rs) LTP(Rs)
Apollo Micro Sys 22-Jan-18 478.00 465.00 441.75 441.75
SKS Textiles 19-Jan-18 149.90 135.95 125.25 126.45
Silly Monks 18-Jan-18 144.00 142.80 142.80 165.45
Brand Concepts 10-Jan-18 54.00 67.00 67.00 68.00

Closed Issues

Company Issue Type Open Date Close date Offer Price(Rs)
CRP Risk Management .. Fixed Price - SME 18-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 60.00
Amber Enterprises In.. Book Built Portion 17-Jan-18 19-Jan-18 855.00-859.00
Newgen Software Tech.. Book Built Portion 16-Jan-18 18-Jan-18 240.00-245.00
Apollo Micro Systems.. Book Built Portion 10-Jan-18 12-Jan-18 275.00

ForthComing Issues

Company Issue Type Open Date Close date Offer Price(Rs)
Vasa Retail and Over.. Fixed Price - SME 24-Jan-18 29-Jan-18 30.00
Gautam Gems Ltd Fixed Price - SME 24-Jan-18 30-Jan-18 36.00
Gujarat Hy-Spin Ltd Fixed Price - SME 25-Jan-18 31-Jan-18 10.00
Medico Remedies Ltd Fixed Price - SME 29-Jan-18 31-Jan-18 100.00

Open Issues

Company Issue Type Open Date Close date Offer Price(Rs)
Shree Ram Protiens L.. Book Building - SME 23-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 27.00
Solex Energy Ltd Fixed Price - SME 22-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 52.00
Ashoka Metcast Ltd Fixed Price - SME 23-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 20.00

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