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Met Monthly Income Plan

'Met Monthly Income Plan' is a participating plan which guarantees you a monthly regular income for you and your family when you are there and even if you are not there for 15 years or till end of the policy term. Moreover you choose the monthly income that you want and which is guaranteed.
A plan which provides for your retirement needs and helps you achieve financial freedom - 'Guaranteed'.

Features & Benefits
  • Continuous income for the family even in case of an unexpected death of the life assured.
  • Having such an assured source of income in the future significantly enhances one's sense of financial security.
  • This supplemental income can be both a bonus during good times as well as act as a lifeline in times of need.
  • Wide range of plans to choose from depend on your life cycle stage.
  • Options of 5/7/10 year as premium payment term
  • Tax benefits on both the amount invested and the benefits received under Section 80C and Section 10 (10)D.

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For further and updated information regarding MetLife products and features, please contact your Geojit BNP Paribas branch or Customer care.
Avail our innovative life insurance plans and protect your loved ones from uncertainties and risk.

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