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20 September 2020

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Entities in Derivative Segment

Following are the four entities in the trading system:

Trading members:

Trading members can only trade, either on their own account or on behalf of their clients including participants; these trades are settled by clearing members.

Trading cum clearing members.

These are members who are eligible to trade and also settle trades on their own behalf and also settle on behalf of other trading members.

Professional clearing members:

A professional clearing member is a clearing member who is not a trading member. Typically, banks and custodians become professional clearing members and clear and settle for their trading members.

Self Clearing Members:

These are members who trade and settle only their own trades.


A participant is a client of trading members like financial institutions. These clients may trade through multiple trading members but settle through a single clearing member.

Geojit is a Trading cum Clearing member at NSE.

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